Model 933 H2S Analyzer

The measurement of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a critical quality control parameter in natural gas and other process industries. Conventional detection principles, such as lead acetate tape devices, require frequent maintenance intervention and disposal of potentially hazardous materials (used cassette tapes). Additional problems associated with lead acetate paper tape analyzers are: the inherent difficulty handling H2S overload conditions during process or pipeline upsets, sensitivity to changes in ambient conditions and slow response speed.The Solution
The AMETEK Western Research® Model 933 is a unique UV-based photometric analyzer system for H S analysis when present in concentrations below 100 ppm in natural gas and other applications. The Model 933 uses AMETEK Western Research’s proprietary auto carrier chromatography sampling technique, combined with the exceptionally high resolution, multi-wavelength AMETEK 900 Series UV optical bench to provide an accurate, interference free measurement of H S. The result is a unique low level H2S analyzer that is designed to operate unattended for six to nine months, or longer.