Model 900 Air Demand Analyzer

In the past, conventional Claus sulfur recovery processes were adequately controlled on the basis of ratio or excess process air. However, the development of new and modified sulfur recovery processes has dramatically changed the analytical requirements placed on the tail gas analyzer. These applications require accurate chemical concentration data over wide dynamic ranges. Selective oxidation processes may require the

The Measurement
The Western Research® Model 900 uses our proprietary high resolution UV technology in a dual beam, multiple wavelength configuration.Resolution better than 0.02 nm is provided by high intensity, line
source lamps. These sources emit at a fixed wavelength providing great measurement stability, and emit low total power removing the potential for sample photolysis. The high resolution enables unparalleled linearity over a wide dynamic range (less than 1% deviation over 4 to 5 orders of magnitude) which, in turn, leads to simple, robust data analysis. A six-position filter wheel enables one reference and five measure wavelengths. The dual beam configuration, combined with the reference measurement, ensures low noise performance with minimal baseline and span drift.
When combined with the ASR 900 sample probe, the Model 900 is a complete analytical system providing maximum performance and minimal maintenance. The ASR 900 probe incorporates a temperature-controlled sulfur condenser providing sulfur vapor control at the sample point and ensuring that no plugging will occur
in the sample lines and analyzer. An integrated shut-off valve allows servicing without removal of the probe.

" Conventional Claus processes
" Selective oxidation processes
" Coke ovens

analyzer to control the H S/SO


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at values ranging from 1:7 to greater than 10:1. In addition, there is an increased need to provide reliable process data during upset conditions
(to 5% H S or SO ), to ensure correct
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response to such conditions. Data on

COS and CS

concentrations are also

increasingly used to monitor catalyst and overall sulfur plant performance.
AMETEK’s Western Research® Model 900 Air Demand Analyzer was specifically designed to meet the more demanding analytical
requirements of these new processes. Used in conjunction with the ASR
900 sampling probe, which provides trouble-free sampling, the Model 900 ensures maximum data availability for optimum operation of all sulfur recovery processes