2008 McBurney Design Boiler - 470,000 pounds/hr

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Manufacturer: McBurney

Fuel: Biomass or natural gas

Serial number: 107005A CRN no.: M4271-5

Model: Field erected, top hung, Detroit Vibrating VCG stoker

Capacity: 470,000 lbs/hr with feed water 280 ° F,

 510,000 lbs/hr with feed water 370 ° F

Design pressure: 1100 psig

Operating pressure: 900 psig/850 ° F

Fuel: Wood waste (heating value 4316 Btu/lb. 50% moisture)

Heat input to boiler: 797.6 MMBtu/hr, 184,789 lb/hr fuel

Steam Drum: 72”

Mud Drum: 48”

Scope of supply:

Complete boiler with ID, FD fan, economizer, superheater, stack , water treatment system, wood

handling, ash handling , ESP

Built 2008 Very good condition.